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A special kind of Coffee

Traditional harvesting practices and a unique environment make Kogi coffee unlike anything else

Kogi Arabiga coffee grows among the natural tropical rainforest in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the coastal mountain range with the highest altitude in the world. 

According to ancestral practices, no chemicals or machinery are involved in the harvest, done under the blessing of the Mamos, the Kogi spiritual leaders. 

Because of their isolation, Kogi coffee vines have been allowed to grow old free from pests and diseases that over the years have affected commercial plantations in the rest of Colombia. 

These unique conditions have produced a highly-graded coffee of outstanding characteristics such as its intense aroma and caramel tones. 

  • Altitude: Up to 1750m above sea level
  • Variety: Arabiga Tipica and Arabiga Caturra
  • Cup profile: Well-balanced with intense aroma, dry body, sweet and citric acidity and caramel tones

We are partnered directly with the Kogi  to bring their coffee to Australia. We pay above fair trade prices and use part of the profits towards a fund dedicated to the recovery of Kogi sacred sites.